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  • [Visual Basic (VB)] subrem.rar mapgis dv ,this is vb program
    所屬類別: GIS編程 上傳用戶:jskj20083d 文件大小:11K
  • [C/C++] Atheon_v1-7-3.zip Atheon is a portable Server/Client program designed for easy incorporation into just about any game engine. Atheon是一個可移植的服務器/客戶端程序,設計為可以方便地集成到任何游戲引擎中。 來源: http://sourceforge.net/projects/atheon/
    所屬類別: 游戲 上傳用戶:shzhuozhan 文件大小:7K
  • [Unix_Linux] astguiclient_1.0.3.zip This program was designed as a GUI client for the Asterisk PBX with Digium Zaptel cards and SIP VOIP hard or softphones as extensions, it could be adapted to other functions, but It was designed for Zap/SIP users. The program will run on X and Win32.
    所屬類別: IP電話/視頻會議 上傳用戶:annah696 文件大小:406K
  • [C/C++] 8位的RLE編碼算法.zip Run Length Encoding compressor program 8 bit header version
    所屬類別: 圖形圖象 上傳用戶:hengxin768 文件大小:15K
  • [Visual C++ (VC++)] 3G_phone.rar 3G umts communication program. Make call through pc to 3G phone.
    所屬類別: IP電話/視頻會議 上傳用戶:yfemperor 文件大小:306K
  • [C/C++] copymodp-driver-0.09 ... and PCI-85 cards. It is written in C and includes example shell scripts for administration, and an example client program. Development Status: 4 - Beta Intended Audience: Developers License: BSD License Operating System: All POSIX (Linux/BSD/UNIX-like ...
    所屬類別: Linux/Unix編程 上傳用戶:led118 文件大小:20K
  • [WINDOWS] LBG Vector Quantizer Design Program.rar LBG Vector Quantizer Design Program
    所屬類別: Windows編程 上傳用戶:lihuigroup 文件大小:4K
  • [WINDOWS] LBG Vector Quantizer Program..rar LBG Vector Quantizer Design Program.
    所屬類別: Windows編程 上傳用戶:yxlong2003 文件大小:1K
  • [Matlab] snake_demo.m.rar.rar The m-file is a demonstration script. Using your own array of image data, or a built-in default, a demo window is displayed where you can click to indicate points and see the snake program in action.
    所屬類別: 圖形圖象 上傳用戶:zhangzx 文件大小:5K
  • [Unix_Linux] awk program.rar awk program
    所屬類別: 文章/文檔 上傳用戶:yyycjb 文件大小:18K